Bliss: The Awakening

Bliss: The Awakening

WaMu Theater

Sat May 7, 2016


That moment when music illicits a physical response, whether it be making the hair on the back of your neck stick up or the quickening of your pulse. You know the sonic waves of this familiar yet new and amazing music has made an impact. This fleeting moment, caught in an instance, is what we crave to feel. This instance, for however long we can sustain it, drives our hearts, minds, and body. This true and undeniable sensation is where we let go and experience pure Bliss. 

Awaken the senses and awareness of yourself and those around you. Identity the sweet moments of life that fill our hearts with a sense of truth and joy. 

Capture the moment, sustain the revival of yourself, and experience Bliss - The Awakening

Bliss: The Awakening

Tickets & Info

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WaMu Theater
800 Occidental Ave S,
Seattle, WA 98134
This event is 18+
Doors open at 6:30pm

21+ VIP
-Exclusive VIP will call box office (no line, easy access)
-One complimentary coat/bag check
-Separate hassle free VIP entrance
-Access to private VIP 21+ only lounges and viewing areas
-Exclusive VIP water station


BLISS: The Awakening Presents;
PHOTOGRAPHER (20 Min “Blissful” Guest Mix)

BLISS: The Awakening Presents;
MaRLo 30 Min “Blissful” Guest Mix)