Resolution Thank You!

Resolution Thank You!

Posted: Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

Time is never ceasing, a relentless march toward the horizon. With each passing moment we move closer toward the next cycle in life, and with each moment we get further from where we have been. At the closing of the year, time seems to have more weight, more meaning to it, and with it our focus shifts toward the moment we are currently occupying. Tonight was a moment just like that.

Thank you to each and every one of you who decided to spend these precious final moments with us as we celebrated the hope of a new beginning and contemplated moments past.  With each beat of the drum, the realization of what was happening around us became more real. While the clock was so focused on ticking down to the final second of the night, we instead focused on living in the moment and enjoying every second of it. And now, as the night comes to it’s close, we leave with the hopeful optimism only a resolution of the future can bring.

Let us hear one last cheer for all of the selfless volunteers, the friendliness and enthusiasm of Conscious Crew, the WAMU staff and the truly dedicated member of Seattle and King County’s public safety services who give their precious time to make this celebration happen. Without you all this event could not happen, so once again thank you for your tireless efforts.

Thank you all for a night none of us will soon forget. Tonight was a perfect set up to the finale of 2017! Have a great night and please get home safe!